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HomemyHOSTshopAuthentication and Shared SSL – nopCommerce

Authentication and Shared SSL – nopCommerce

Something I do not understand with the shared SSL and how it could work

the nopCommerce installation is running as

I want to use a shared SSL:
(this is not a directory but a proper certificate installed in IIS)

I create a website in IIS 7 / win2008 and do the following binding:
after installing a certificate for in IIS

I can navigate to both with no problem  

In nopCommerce global settings I have :
use SSL + shared SSL =

Now if I navigate in the website
When I hit Login: it goes to
If I login it authenticates me for the domain
Then I am redirected to the non SSL page:
This is not the domain for which I am authenticated, the authentication cookie would not work, so I am not logged in!

So basically that cannot work in this configuration
The only way it to have a non shared SSL where both SSL and non SSL domain are the same, so i am authenticated in both.

Any viewpoint on this?

Try this link.

Actually.  If its just a sub domain.

i.e you have and you can do as below


thank you for the information, it was helpful.

The subdomain modification is working well

But I think that if we use different TOP domains for the shop and the shared ssl, then there is no simple solution.

The browsers themselves are persisting cookies per domain, so I would only be able to share cookies within the same top domain... so we would need to generate 2 authentication cookies within the same application


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